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Negative anonymous reviews - Enough is enough

When will finally understand that negative anonymous reviews are unfair and absolutely useless both for and the hotel?

How can a hotel assess issues with a guest without knowing who he/she was, the dates of the stay or the problems encountered? How can we improve if we do not know the reason of a negative review? How can we react if we are not allowed to post a reply to that review?

How can allow that in a hotel where 99% of guests highly value certain things an anonymous person thrashes them without writing a single word to justify that opinion? How can we not feel completely defenceless? How can not understand that an anonymous negative review posted the day before closes the ranking for the year stinks to a will to damage the competition's reputation? How can reply every time that is it the "subjective opinion of a guest" when this objectively affects the reputation and ranking of a hotel in your platform???

Without guests there would not be bookings but without hotels there would be no business for We need your help.

Why not banning anonymous reviews without comments? Why not making the internet a safer and more fair place? Why? I would like to know.

If at least had the decency to take this matter seriously you would contact the guest and ask for clarifications that would be passed internally to the hotel so we could react and you would let us reply.

We are deeply upset with the way handles this and even more when we receive the "copy and paste" reply that shows that we are just a number rather than a valued partner.

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Thuild - Your …

Dear ...,

The number of anonymous reviews has dropped significantly lately. Which is good. We receive less of that.

However it's always the naysayers that use the anonymity, but for me, as a small establishment, I can figure out who they are quite easily by recognizing the way they speak and the issues they raise from the behavior they had during their stay.

It's always the ones who are trouble guests, who act like they own the place and that they should get special treatment, which they don't want to pay for of course.

Or the ones who always try to find issues instead of enjoying their stay. Too much negativity in some.

Anyways, this topic has been dissected in so many ways on this forum, you can search for "reviews" and you have a book worth of reading to do.

Best of luck,

Zsolt -

10 months ago

I have had this conversation with them many time and nothing changes.

They call us partners but we are treated as a tool for them to use to make money. We are not important only the person making payment so they get their commission.

10 months ago
Ja Worthington

I work hard to get 10 as my review score and then one anonymous review with no comment or date can pull my overall score down. It is soo depressing when I am a very small business with only two rooms. I am fed up with contacting Booking.Com asking for their support. They let themselves down as a partnership. At least on AirBnB both the guest and the host are able to share their experience. It is so much fairer.

3 months ago