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Never Trust Guest

 The is really a bad business decision for me, The guests are no standards and they smoked inside the home and disturbed neighbours, stolen comforters, towels, TV remotes and Damaged the house. I called customer service to report about, unfortunately, their response was very bad. They are not ready to provide guest credit card information while they provided on booking time.

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when you asking booking then they will tell you do by yourself !

1 year ago
City Hideout

Yes, I agree. Same happened to me I m from Sri Lanka. Even though we mention, not to smoke inside room no food inside room . They just do the opposite when the care taker is not there After check out, they write or give false reviews bcoz they only don't comply with the house rules.
Then for nothing we get penalized.
I tell this to booking com team, they say guests can write reviews as they wish! It's true they can write on their stay. But if they do not comply with our rules, due to arrogance from home/hitel owners they write bad reviews or just give low rated anonymous reviews whuch prevents potential good customers coming to stay with our hotel.
I request, booking. Come local team to have a careful study on this and come out with a solution, with out chasing us for the 15percent commission from hotel owners at the end of the month.
Have research and field studies.
In time to come, I m sure if booking. Com team do not take any action, from the hotel owners side, you will lose many hotels in your web site and they will go to other competitors web booking where at least the voice /concerns of our side is also heard and taken care of.
It's not only the Damage deposit we can introduce, but proper ethics and stabdard of living if the guests we expect .so have some kind of penalize process from the guest also..
Do not advertise as Free cancellation I'll n *free booking..etc. as this only the fake guests takes into their hands and play on hotel owners.

Hope this matter will be addressed soon.
The City Hideout Colombo Sri Lanka

1 year ago
Sergio S

yes I agree, their answer is, that they only provide the reservation from the web page. The guests oftenly are very disrespect of all rules as well invalid credit car. Since 6 months ago we request at check in a back up credit card for any, late incoming, broken articles or even smoke indoors. Every rules are posted and fines on u$s. they have to sign an agreement of charge on the back up card. It is working perfect right now.

1 year ago


I have a small place of 7 rooms and sometimes guests have given a bad review even when you have bent over backwards to give them time, info. and a very friendly service they go behind your back and rubbish you. What I would like, is to review the guests before they stay ( Impossible I know ) then I would decide if I wanted them in my house and how much I should charge them. Hee hee.

Disrespect of a property is appalling, there is a lot of trust involved.

Its not going to happen but most guests are lovely. Regards Janet Langton

1 year ago

Same happened to us in London. Customer quote by quote wrote to us: "I apologize that there isn't much more that we can do from our position between you and the guest. " Throughout the process, we felt strongly that has trained their customer service to push the hosts around. All they care is they get commission paid.

We also use airbnb and never had this happened in three years we are on airbnb. We have now requested to terminate the contract with and delist our property.

1 year ago


I am very sorry to see also in my daily work that is much more on the side of the guests than on the one of the hoteliers.

Two days ago, a guest requested a free cancellation on the day he was due to come to our apartment. I declined the request, as it is my right to do so. He called us on the phone, told we were thieves and many other things.

He, of course, did not show up at the apartment and in the morning we marked the reservation as a no show. A few hours later, we received a message the following message from

"We understand that you were unable to accommodate this guest. Whenever possible, we ask that you provide guests with an alternative solution that's similar to your property. If you're unable to relocate the guest, we can assist with finding an alternative."

So the guest scandalously lied about coming to the property but being unable to stay because the apartment was not free for him. I find it inadmissible that employee didn't even bother checking the reservation. He would have seen that the guest didn't have the intention to come at all.

I will call and ask for the investigation of this situation and will ask for their apology. I feel like the bad guy in this story, as I received some kind of a good spank from for professional misconduct.

It is not the first time that is on the side of the guests, unfortunately :(

8 months ago