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Hi we own a Bed & Breakfast in paihia and have managed to have the most wonder4ful guest stay with us. I saw on a post that a lady was having a problem with guest cooking. We do not allow cooking of any sort in the rooms but we do have two BBQ's for guest to use if they do not want to go out for dinner.

Out property is on 2 acres so this does not impact on us at all and  the guest seem to like having the choice.

We supply plates and cutlery Salt & Pepper and napkins, we do not usually let them in the kitchen but in saying that we have had a guest cook for us.

There are times when we also cook for the guest BBQ usually as with some of the guest they will have a drink with us and this can lead to them having dinner as well but that is our choice.

Interacting with some of the guest is really fun whether it is just having a drink  or more we don't do it a lot but we do ,do it and the guest seem to enjoy the esperience as well.

I hope this helps the lady about guet cooking>

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Nice idea and as long as the description includes the extent of the cooking facilities, then it should all be good. In saying that, most guests don't read the description!

1 year ago

I’m glad to be a part of the group

1 year ago