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receiving guests review awards

Last year our new property Alberts View won a guest review award....we were delighted.....however we never got our physical award. I rung and asked for it to be sent out again and was told that this wasn't possible.

Apparently because we list only our road without the house number for security reasons on,only giving the full address to guests who have paid their deposit,this is why the award was never delivered.

This year we now have two properties listed,both have just won awards and I am worried that the same will happen again.

I have rung my local support team and left a message in the hope that the awards team will ring me back to confirm the full addresses of the properties.

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Thanks for reaching out and congratulations on your awards!

Sorry to hear you have had issues with deliveries. For questions regarding deliveries, please visit the dedicated Partner Help Guest Review Awards section. Otherwise, try going through your extranet inbox again to contact someone from the local team.

Congrats again on your well earned award :-)

1 year ago

two of our guests who left recently have tried to give a review, but found it difficult. Do ask the question if they were happy with the service?

11 months ago