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Reviewing Guests

Why is there no one that we can review Guests - it seems unfair that the Guest can review but we are unable to review the Guest

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I am amazed at how many Guests use Debit Cards and we are unable to credit them.

23 days ago

I agree as a host we cannot screen our guests (which can be done though AirBnB) we find some leave the room in a mess but we have no say in who books.

22 days ago

I agree. As a property owner I wish there was a way to read previous reviews about guests so that I know who I am going to host. It's very one sided to allow guests ways to rate hosts, but not the other way around.

17 days ago

Too be totally honest,

Some guests you look at and you think OMG! I don't want them here but they leave the place immaculate and they have thoroughly enjoyed their stay.

Some guests turn up glamorous and you think, how lovely are they and they leave the place like you are their servant!

Some guests turn up in business suits and you think, how professional do they look, they end up wetting the bed!!

A taxi driver who stayed with me long term judged me unfairly and said "Barbara you'll take anyone here, it's all about the money with you" I said Tony (his name) when people get into your taxi at 7pm they are lovely, polite people and when they get back in at midnight after a few drinks are they the same!!! He shut his mouth and walked off.

I have learnt not to judge people, I find guests who have booked with Booking.Com are a better class of guest, then those who knock on my door...

17 days ago