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I recently opened a 6 room residence for short lets and am starting receiving reviews. The rooms are newly refurbished, all with ensuite AC fridge TV internet etc which I consider as a decent miiddle rated  accommodation in central area average EUR 60 to EUR 75 a room for 3 pax.

At the moment I am completely baffled by the fact that reviews scores are ranging from 10 to 3.8!

I consider it unfair that low scores sometimes are submitted by guests staying  only overnight and others who complain in the review rather than approaching me to rectify the shortfall there and then.

For the moment I have decided not to submit my response to negative reviews at least for the time being.

Can someone comfort me please as I am completely pi.....d off after all the energy that I have put into this project and considering how I do go out of my way on occasions to meet the customers demands








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Dawn Oliver

Each review gives me an insight into how I am doing. Accept reviews as a bench mark on your performance and if needs be take note on how to improve hard as this may seem.

9 months ago

Hi Mario - We are also in Malta.

When you get reviews it should be broken down into categories (each out of 10) such as:






Value for money

The overall score should be made up as an aggregate of those completed

You should be able to determine on which areas you scored low in and therefore attempt to remedy it. If you got a 3.8 review score - that is extremely low and quite possible the guest just filled it in wrong (unless it was accompanied with a comment saying they were not happy)

On the one occasion I had a 3 score - it was from a Maltese/Australian lady who was so pleased with her stay she booked a return the following year. I wrote to her and asked her about it and she was mortified and wrote in to have it amended to 10/10 - she just made a mistake on completing it.

8 months ago

Short stay = stranger = bad review

Why not to submit a reply to negative review? That's not for those strangers. Thats for potential clients, who do actually read reviews.

Look forward, keep going!

8 months ago

I am trying to canvass opinion on if someone simply clicks the sad face for all categories and then provides no comments should we be automatically given a right of reply? Or other option that they have to put a comment so we can have a right of reply. Would this improve things as I had had this happen and feel should have a right of reply. They are entitled to review as they wish but likewise I should have the opportunity to publicly comment back on this review?

8 months ago