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I recently opened a 6 room residence for short lets and am starting receiving reviews. The rooms are newly refurbished, all with ensuite AC fridge TV internet etc which I consider as a decent miiddle rated  accommodation in central area average EUR 60 to EUR 75 a room for 3 pax.

At the moment I am completely baffled by the fact that reviews scores are ranging from 10 to 3.8!

I consider it unfair that low scores sometimes are submitted by guests staying  only overnight and others who complain in the review rather than approaching me to rectify the shortfall there and then.

For the moment I have decided not to submit my response to negative reviews at least for the time being.

Can someone comfort me please as I am completely pi.....d off after all the energy that I have put into this project and considering how I do go out of my way on occasions to meet the customers demands








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Bandara Hotels…

@Marioborg031 Well, this is what happen to most of us. Guest that enjoy your stay and happy with your service, most of them will not write review. In opposite 80% of guest that don't like your hotel/service will write negative review. This is the facts that we cannot have 100% happy guest.

And that's why we have to try very hard to encourage all happy guest to write review either on or Tripadvisor or other website. There is many way that you can encourage them such as during check out time ask them about service and remind them to write review for you. or you could offer something as gift for guest that wrote review to you (either good or bad review just be honest on their review)

Lastly you should not ignore bad review, I recommend that you should answer all review with professional attitude. Don't forget that when other guest check your review, they can see your reply as well. And they not gonna read just 1 or 2 review, they will know which review is real which is too negative review.

I do hope that you will keep fight with this and hope that you review score will rise up soon.

9 months ago
Thuild - Your …

Dear Mario,

That's how it is.

I recently got an 8.3 because the I refused the guest late check-out for the reason that I had another guest coming to the same room and it needed to be cleaned.

Imagine if I'd send the new guest to them room where the old guest is staying, they could share it :)))

So yeah, there are frustrated people with no life who think that they are so cool for giving bad reviews.

Just remember to reply to them all, shed light on the truth and that will help future customers see the stupidity of those unfounded reviews.

You're lucky, you haven't gotten a 2.5 yet :) I have.

Move on and do your best for the guests who really appreciate it and let others have their karma.

Best of luck,

Zsolt -

9 months ago
Heike F

Wouldnt it be great to write reviews about the guests and not only comments about theirs? So we could see in advance what to expect after check-out.

Just an idea.

9 months ago