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room prices for different occupancies.

Can anyone help with this? I have sent messages to asking for advice but they do not seem to understand my question. they just tell me my settings are correct.

I have a small double room priced for standard occupancy 2 people. I give 25% discount if only 1 person staying. Children are allowed to stay free.

I have been doing this for over 2 years and it has always worked exactly as I plan, ie 2 adults pay 100%, 1 adult pays 75%, 1 adult+child pay 75%.

Recently something has changed, and when potential guests search it shows the prices as follows: 2 adults 100% (which is right), 1 adult 75% (which is right), 1 adult+child 100% (I want this to be 75%)

I have not changed any settings and BDC just keep confirming my settings are correct, so I do not know why it no longer works the same way, or how to change it back.


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Leandri Klopper


I know exactly what you mean. They changed the Children policy recently and I had to redo all my stuff as well. When you go to Policies under your Property tab, you will notice some extra categories that never used to be there. Check the children one, and go and specify it there.

Hope this helps!

1 month ago