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My last stay went of without a hitch, He was ok with my set up and independent in his enjoyment of the city, I was not thinking when two women guests wanted to see a waterfall which we have nearby and I could have guided them to it.


Looking forward to tomorrow's stay which whom I have already communicated with by phone.


My recent investment was aCostco box of 48 piece swiffer for dusting and washing both sets of indoor steps with borax.


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Leandri Klopper

Hi there,

Thanks for sharing!

It's always good adding extra things to ensure comfort and going above and beyond for guests with certain interests.

What I think would be a good idea is to have a tick box where a guest can select the facilities (of your property) that they are very keen on/very excited for. That way, if it's broken/damaged, the owner has the opportunity to let the guest know or even fix the broken facility. Our properties are huge and offer many facilities, so sometimes just quickly fixing something can take quite a while.

Not sure if you're experiencing the same? The last thing one wants is to have a guest show up really excited for something and be disappointed to find it's not currently available.

Kind regards.

1 year ago