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Solving problems with guests - best strategy

How do you deal with misbehaving guests at your property.

Most common problems we have at our B&B are:

1. Guests who bother other guests, either by loud music, or  loud talk/argument, or, on the contrary are trying to knock doors of other rooms asking the other tenants to be quiet etc

2. Leave to much mess both in their room and in the public areas,inappropriately use showers and toilet

3. Harassing of staff of workers at the site with inappropriate and rude questions(usual with racist or xenophobic context), particularly targeting minorities.

4. Very particular problem with bicycle owners who insist on keeping bicycle at the room, and dont trust the bicycle parking we provide.

5. Inappropriate demands like demanding TV in the room which was rented with discount rate with no TV, demanding that services which are listed as paid would be provided for free. Demanding services which aren't provided by definition. Confusing the approval rating and hotel category, and expecting the accommodation with high approval rating to have 5 star amenities.

6. Changing room decoration, moving furniture

7. In pet friendly places like ours-some people either feel offended when we change extra for pets, or trying to smuggle the pet into the room without paying 

8. Braking the obvious rules like smoking in non smoking rooms, etc

I am sure most accommodation owners here had similar problems and may be some others(please list)

How do you deal with it?

1. Client is a king, tolerate anything and everything, let them handle relations with each other

2. Make polite warning, apologize for having to say it, let go if misbehavior continues.

3. Simply charge extra for each episode.

4. Be firm to the point of threatening to  cancel a booking

5. Evicting unruly guests

Any conflict with guests, even if guest is 100% wrong, is a risk that guest might write bad revue, eventually dragging down approvual rating...

Please share your experience



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Description of the property and House Rules are important.
In my House Rules it is written a quite time after 22.00h.
If there wold be a "party" or some loud shit, I would ask them politly to stop, or politly show them the exit door, or I will call the police. Fck these guests. For me are valued guests those who follows House rules etc. Potentially because of some noisy guests, youll receive a bad reviews from other guests that are staying there that day.

The point is that we are in this business, and there will be always those "few" guests with a different perspective, snob, or just an unhappy ones with their life.. We can't do nothing about them, but we can do a lot for the rest of the guests that are "normal" and are giving us positive reviews.

1 year ago

Prevention is always the best. I would suggest revision on your policies. Ensure guest are made aware of your policies prior to booking.

Samples Noise: For the comfort of other guests we have strict no noise policy after 10 pm.

No Party Policy:This policy is designed to ensure that all our guests can enjoy their time with us and not be inconvenienced through noise and action of others. Any guest failing to comply with this may be asked to leave without refund.

Address your main concerns/complaints, then update your policies. The most important thing is to follow through on your policies. You will then gain more trusted guests.

1 year ago

Nice one Theesstatekoroit.. I'll copy paste that. :)

1 year ago

If we had all of these problems we would sell up

Our Inspector advised us to ask guests to leave if their behaviour causes serious problems and to call the police if necessary but do not get into any big discussion once you have told them to leave

1 year ago

We're fortunate that most of our clients are "active" so after a long day of skiing or hiking all they want to do is relax in our hot tub, eat then sleep. However, we do communicate with our guests at check-in that our billiard room and hot tub are open/close at a certain time. We also mention that we are an older non-sound proof lodge. There have been times when guests are ready to party and whoop it up during special events in our town (Blues and Brew, NYE). We also have an on site night manager to help if there are loud guests.

1 year ago
Angela @Promhills

For the comfort of all guests (and your own sanity) you must implement and enforce some rules. We advise guests of the rules upon booking and reinforce 2 days before arrival. We live on site so we know what goes on and thankfully we don't attract too many trouble makers and in the 11 years of running/owning the business I've only ever had to evict a few times - once for sneaking in a dog and a few times for booking for 2 people and arriving with many more people (for a room that sleeps 2!). Be firm but not rude and be insistent - your property, your rules

1 year ago
Tania Farrugia

So I've just had the guests from hell. 3 guys who have no idea about cleanliness or etiquette. They smoked everywhere and used up all the towels. Dirty dishes in sink and beds all over the place. Used condom on bedroom floor. Pills galore. Cigarettes in bedrooms.

The guy who booked did not give me back my house keys yet. He was supposed to meet me at 10am today at the apartment to do this. It is is situated in my family block. I was advised to report him to the police for theft of house keys. I warned him about this and still no reply. I cannot believe his arrogance and indifference.

On another note, should make guests advise names and ages of guests and what relation they are to them, so that we can vet.

1 year ago
Laura, Communi…

Hi everyone,

Thanks for this post! There is another thread happening about T&Cs that might be of interest.

Also, if you have any house rules, please feel free to share your template. Other partners would be grateful!

- Laura

1 year ago
Tania Farrugia

Laura my house rules are clearly in sight for them to read. They were just **.

1 year ago

Make sure your house rules are in the room info folder and point it out on arrival

I evicted my first guests in the 15 years we have operated recently and actually felt good afterwards

Needless to say they were charged

1 year ago