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Tips for great guests review. It really works!

I summerize a few of my, easy to do, suggestions how to make your guests feel exceptionally. Hope you find some of them useful.

- get a small blackboard and prior guests arrival write welcome note in their own language. Maybe even draw symbol of the city or country where they come from. Guests will be impressed with your attention.

- if guests leave your place clean be sure to tell them that! Guest will be very pleased and feel great that you noiced it.

- having a guest with a baby or maybe a pet? Leave baby bibs or baby rattle. Guest will be really suprised and overwhelmed that you remember their yungest one. Or maybe a pet cookies for their furry friend.

- I suggest to visit all best places to see and save the exact google location coordinates on your cell phone and send them to your guests explaining where each Google shared location leads to. They will appreciate your informations and enjoy your recommendations that only locals know and can not be found in any tourist guidebooks and brochures.

- during the stay of your guests always ask is everithing OK and do they need something. Guests will see you as careful and easily reachable host whom they can turn to at any time if needed.

- before guests arrival buy a souvenir of your city and place it out of the eye reach. On the check out day message them wishing safe back home and tell them to take a look at that "hidden place". It will create that WOW! effect and your guests will be amazed with your attention.

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