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Try to communicate with the guest

Once a booking comes in from we send the guest a welcome email. Which contains the following:-

  1. Confirmation of the booking details
  2. Details on how to find us on arrival.
  3. We request an arrival time to make sure we will be around.
  4. Offer to book the guests a table at the neighbouring Pub, which can be very busy in the evening.
  5. Send details of local Taxi firms that know where we are.
  6. Checkout times and breakfast times.

Those that respond tend to ask for a table booking at the Pub and sometimes a Taxi to get them to/from a local event. This also means they are less likely to cancel. In most cases those that respond to our email leave a great review.

If we don't get an initial response, we mark the booking as a potential 'no show'. We then send another email closer to the arrival date and again if no response is received we prepare for a 'no show' or cancellation. Those that arrive ignoring our advice are surprised when the Pub is fully booked for evening meals or the Taxi company can't pick them up when required. Their review's also tend to be lower, often stating that they had problems getting an evening meal or a Taxi. You just can't win.




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Laura, Communi…

These are great tips Tony! We'd love if you could share this with other community members in our feature post this week: Your guest welcome email.

Looking forward to your next post,

- Laura and the Communities Team

11 months ago

Very good tip, but I had two no shows and both guests did not reply to my e-mails after they made a booking. I just could not get any response from them after sending numerous e-mails regarding their arrival time. Not very considerate behaviour from guest after preparing your apartment for their arrival and you have a no-show!

10 months ago
Bandara Hotels…

@Basievanwyk54 At least we know that they are on high potential no show or cancel. You can setup policy to be more strong or how about deposit payment charge.

10 months ago