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Understanding Bookings rating scale

I am at loss to understand Bookings rating scale - we only seem to get two different numbers: 10s (lots!) and the occasional 7.5.  Is there nothing in between? 

Also, while our ratings are often straight 10s, we recently received a solid 7.5 across the board....with no comment or explanation.  As I had interacted with these guests directly the morning of their departure (and my husband had over the two days they were with us), how to figure out what they really were disgruntled about? Thats a rhetorical question, of course only they would know. 

I understand a scale is quick and easy for guests, but, as it has been discussed before things like VALUE is so subjective and not really helpful.  Also, LOCATION.  We are in the center of a town near by to large city, with public transport and restaurants close by.  One guest titled her review "I will stay here every time - it so convenient" and then gave us a 7.5 on location!

Is the scale actually helpful? 

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Ratings and reviews are subjective and so should also be our interpretation of the reviews we receive. Taking them personal doesn't help much, but then neither does saying rating items such as "Value" do not matter.

Ratings are there to hold us the people renting to the public accountable on some level. Embrace the ratings and look for ways to improve them whenever possible. That is they best way to a long range improvement plan for your daily room rates to keep going up and up. Higher ratings dictate higher daily rents.

10 months ago