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Urinated on the Bed!

Hallo Everyone,


l was just shocked the other day as one of the Guests child urinated on the bed spoiling my Mattress and the Parents didn´t even seems to be sorry or apologize for that, even though l offer bed for small children but one of the Child decided to sleep with the Parents. Seems to me the child was not worn pampers. Sometime l just lack words how some Guests behave and wonder if they do the same in their own homes!


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MATRESS COVERS. Kids and adults pee the bed sometimes. Not to mention spilling drinks or food on the bed. Be prepared for the worst when it comes to your mattress or else be a mattress washer/buyer.

9 months ago

Waterproof mattress cover. I think what they do in their own homes is even worse...

9 months ago
M Adamopoulou

Waterproof mattress cover is the only solution. Not only kids but also adults are careless. One of my lady guest stained my brand new sheets with filthy red stains. Thank god I had waterproof mattress cover. I also have waterproof covers on my sofas. Unfortunately some guests are not responsible enough. Have a nice weekend.

9 months ago