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why are the replies to my reviews being butchered by

Why when I write a reply to a review, does then completely butcher it?
Every reply I write is hacked to pieces and rewritten, coming out like complete rubbish. 
I am an English native speaker and professional writer, and I don't understand why someone who clearly has English as a second language or a very weird language bot, is turning my replies into complete gobbledegook!!!

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All I know is that for example if the guest leaves a review in Italian, you have to reply in italian language.
The second.. maybe you are to "sharp/negative" in your reviews.

Give us an example (copy / paste) it would be esier to tell what is the issue.

1 year ago

WE live in Spain ,and have been informed long ago, bookings accept only language written in English or Spanish, replies to Spanish are sent in their language, although we may have sent them in English.We use English for every other nationality.

1 year ago

It is against the law to insist a person replies to a review in any other language than their native tongue.

Tripadvisor had to change this same policy some years back

1 year ago
Angela @Promhills

Google translate makes it easy to reply in any language now, that's what I use when insist we reply in another language

1 year ago