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Wrecked apartment, violent guests bad review.

So up until last week my review score was 9.2
In May 2018 I had 2 very bad guest groups both groups from UAE.
The first group a family of 4 booked for one night and liked the apartment so much stayed for an extra 2 nights.
Upon check out the guest refused to leave at the final time so we charged him a 20 euro check out fee. He became very aggressive and violent so much so my neighbours heard and called the police he left before they arrived.
Upon checking the apartment we found it was very badly damaged, hopes in walls, sticky jam over carpets, furniture walls and windows. Burnt pots and pans. They had even left faeces under the bed. I took photographs and reported it to Booking.Com who promptly replied saying it wasn't good enough and I could charge the guest for the damage.
The next set of guests also a group from UAE.
Booked and arrived within 5 minutes, they gave me fake credit card details, which they admitted to said they would pay by cash. Then they refused to pay the full amount and refused to deal with me, a woman only my husband.
When my husband told them they needed to check out at 10am they became extremely aggressive towards him shouting loudly and screaming. My husband asked them to leave and they calmed down. I emailed and told them the problem.
Eventually everything settled down.

You might think these were bad enough but the icing on the cake came when they left their reviews. Both guest groups left 2.5, one guest was allowed to call my husband and myself in black and white a liar and a thief, criminals, fraudsters, we should not be allowed on
I was so annoyed I called customer services to ask for this to be removed, they refused even though it is totally slanderous. So I emailed again, not possible.
I have since also emailed booking.coms CEO Gillan Tans to ask for help.
The reply was very quick she forwarded it onto someone in Customer Services who said...sorry they will not remove it, it is acceptable for a guest who has wrecked my property to call me a liar and a thief.

Booking.Com do not support hoteliers and it needs to stop. They are enabling guests to ruin businesses and hoteliers reputation's.

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Leandri Klopper

Hi there,

I hate to get involved in issues that should be directly sorted out with But I've seen quite a few chains where clients who did not carry themselves well at the properties was allowed to leave bad reviews.

In my opinion, it would benefit all to have an option where (if indissmissable evidence can be presented) the guest should not receive the email asking them to review.

However, I checked our contrac the other day... has stipulated in their contract that they will not even speak/negotiate on bad reviews. So my logic says, if they don't want to negotiate after the fact then perhaps there should be a conversation before the review can be posted to avoid it.

Best of luck!

1 year ago

Thanks for your comment Leandri
I totally agree. I did contact Booking.Com at the time of these bookings and they helped me out with the problems. Even sent an apology for the trouble caused.
My issue is after all if this they have still allowed reviews to be posted inciting hate and asking my future guests to create trouble for me. Telling people I am a liar and a thief this could jeopardise my accountancy business. How is this fair
Booking.Com still refuse to remove the review

1 year ago
Leandri Klopper

Hey again,

I think the best or rather only option you would have is to try and turn it in your favor by writing a reply to their review. This will show future guests that you communicate etc. Such as if a guest complains that a lightbulb blew, you reply with a nice message saying sorry about the inconvenience and had they let you know you would've immediately fixed it for them. It's what they call progressive reporting.

To these people I would send a nice message (which is public remember) saying that you are sorry that they feel their experience at your property wasn't up to standard and suggest to them next time that they ensure they read all the rules and regulations. As well as to take note that there is a woman helping at the front desk. The rules and regulations are stated prior to booking, so if they still booking knowing all this etc then they are creating their own bad experiences.

Hopefully your business will not suffer! If I were the client reading a review like that with a detailed reply, I would not judge you at all.

1 year ago

Unfortunately the world is a complicated place.

Although we haven't experienced anything like the nightmare you have described there are some reasonable steps to take to ensure your reputation remains intact.

Firstly, do not rely on one channel to distribute your product.

Develop your own web site, Google page, Facebook page and YouTube channel. Become a social media expert and if you don't feel you can do that find someone who can to help you.

Create social media and web site content every week if not every day and promote, promote, promote!

Your reputation is based on everything you do not just the rooms your rent out.

Customer service, local knowledge, professionalism and even tourism accreditation all contribute to the way you and your business are perceived by your guests and your suppliers. And don't forget to "dress for success!"

If you win a award or any other award make sure it is prominently displayed in your office or reception area.

The surprising truth is that if your business is perceived by some guests to be of less value than they were promised they will treat you and your place that way.

1 year ago

Hi thank you for all of your comments however in my opinion if a guest is allowed to post a review blatantly threatening the life of me and my family asking future guests to kill us how can that be allowed..after 3 weeks the review was removed and I did get an apology from Booking.Com but it took numerous emails phone calls and trust me lots of stress

11 months ago