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Day 3 waiting for return of my april commission

i have requested the return of my april's commission.

i like many others were kept waiting for our april's payment, given to many on the 8th may. closed down on us, gave no information, stopped answering the telephones in finance and left us completely alone. we were left to fend for ourselves worrying ourselves sick, thinking they'd gone into receivership.

it has been a long hard winter and we all were looking forward to our first rewards of spring. 

i listened to lots of businesses fearing closure, sinking and struggling having to turn new guests away because they had no stock. we all felt violated and raped and the lack of communication from became unbearable.

i only found out others were in the same position when i came to this forum, even then, i think i was one of the first, that started asking for answers.

14 days later i got an automated reply.

shame on you you have hurt us we felt like we'd be divorced and rejected by you.

please do the right thing and restore our faith by returning our commission money. you did not earn it that month, you violated our trust and need to be honorable towards us.

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