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Forum 101: How to choose the perfect profile photo

Your photo is a chance to show who you are to other partners. Think of this as your business card.

It could be your headshot, an image of you at a networking event, your company logo or your property.

If the photo isn’t fit for a professional space, it may be removed. If that happens, we’ll let you know and give you the opportunity to upload a new one.

Some examples of photos to avoid:

  • Images of celebrities, animals, landscapes or phrases
  • Images that could be perceived as vulgar, pornographic, illegal or offensive and therefore not appropriate for a professional community
  • Images that are not your own or could infringe on any copyright

If you haven't had a chance to look at our community guidelines, please do.

Did you upload a new profile pic? Show us by commenting below!

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Hi We are quite new to offering bed and breakfast. We are enjoying it and our Spanish is getting better being as most of our guests are Spanish. However, we have our first English couple coming this week, so looking forward to meeting them and being of service. We always give a welcome drink when they arrive and we have also fitted a small fridge and Television in Spanish and English. We have have some very good reviews and long may it continue

11 months ago