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Forum Monthly Recap: March 2019

We can’t believe that March is almost over! 

Here’s our roundup of some of our fav threads this month:

  • Want to know how to make guests feel extra special? Check out some of these ideas to help you stand out.
  • Thinking about improving your WIFI for guests, maybe even getting more creative with the name? Check out some of these tips.
  • Take a look at March photo challenge and find out who posted the best picture. ***WARNING, you might want to run to your nearest coffee machine!***
  • Want to get more out of the forum? Check out these 6 helpful tips to help you get the most out of a your forum conversations.

We hope you've loved this month's conversations as much as we did! 

Happy posting,

Brooke and the Communities team!

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M Adamopoulou

Brooke thank you very much for the recup.
This month was a great month since many new partners have joined the forum sharing their ideas, suggestions, worries, struggles, recommendations, experiences and beautiful pictures of our great world...
This forum is certainly bringing us closer and closer.
Wishing all a blooming April!!!

5 months ago
  • Good day and happy and successful every day I want! I do not know if I'm writing on the required forum, but what I want to write is very useful for our business associates and guests. Guests do not understand the term "flat on the day". Many people think that they rent the apartment for 24 hours, and I always have to explain our way of working. Everyone understands "Check in" but I always have to explain that "check out" depends on the next guest's request and the required check-in time of the next guest. I still think nobody has written a blog on that topic. Thanks and thanks to all the supporters! I want you a happy and happy spring job!
5 months ago

Feel free to open your own topic and we will discuss it. That is actually a common problem for many hosts, that guests think their 24 hours will start anytime they want it.

5 months ago
Ilaria - Commu…

Hi Solelolebiznis ,

Thanks for your comment, sounds like you’ve got a good challenge for our community!

Katerinka12 is right, if would be useful if you could open a new discussion and hear how other partners deal with your request.

Looking forward to your next post!

5 months ago

We had a pretty good March, but now it’s April and the weather is chilling down, all has gone quiet ☹️

5 months ago
M Adamopoulou

Hi! Leannemccarty23 please remind me where exactly is your property located???
Rain, rain Iso many showers!!!! Unbelievable weather for Greece!!!!
Hope it gets better very soon...

5 months ago
M Adamopoulou

Your little place called New Zealand is an amazing place with beautiful people...

5 months ago