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Forum Recap: April 16th 2018

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  1. Is ground coffee a must these days?
  2. Threatening behaviour
  3.  SMART TVs

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For our lawsuit against

You send us a guest booked for one night, one person for a dormitory bed. He arrives and he is with his 70 yr old mother. He says it’s ok because his mother sleeps with him in the same bed in the dorm. We say that is not possible and we go out of our way to give them both 2 beds in a private room in our staff house. Later a guest comes to us and tells us this guy follwed him to the bathroom and propositioned him from outside the door. We reprimand the guest. Still later another guy comes and tells us the same thing happened to him. We ask him to leave and tell him his mother can stay and that we have children staying here and we show him our child protection policy prominently displayed at our front desk. He leaves and goes to Alona village. He is brought back by the police at 4 a.m and proceeds to yell and scream and smash things, waking everyone (40 people including his mother and the children that are here) and it takes us an hour to calm him down and get his mother to take him off the property by about 5:30 a.m which time other guests are ready to fight to get rid of him. As he leaves yelling and screaming he threatens to give us a 0 review score on We say no problem go ahead just please leave so everyone can go back to sleep. By this time we had already phoned the police again and his mother dragged him away before they came. Sure enough about 3 hours later we get a review on and it wasn’t zero but was 2.5...the lowest review score allowed on their system. We wrote to explaining the whole situation and they took down the comments in the review but left the score and so it affected our overall rating. This made the whole situation even worse. was allowing this psycho to damage our reputation by allowing the review score to remain but removing the comments by which any average person reading them would have known this guy had a problem.
We have asked to remove this review in its totality, score included and they STILL refuse...this is after the above explanation to them 8 different times or more. Our position now is that is complicit in damaging our reputation and we no longer accept any bookings with this company. We will be seeking damages accordingly and we encourage everyone in the hospitality business to be wary of the “so called Partner Support” you will recieve from

Andy Wheatley

1 year ago