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Happy Holidays from the Partner Forum

Hi everyone,

I wanted to take a moment to say thank you for being part of this community. It’s thanks to you that this forum has grown so much in the past year. We started out with just a handful of partners in late 2017 and now we’re a community of over 5000.

As we look to 2019, we’d love to hear any ideas you have for how we can make this space even better for you. Maybe you’d love a topic to share your listings or meet local colleagues. It could even be an idea for a new badge! Let us know know so we can make it happen :)

Wishing you, your team and your families a very happy holiday season.

Happy posting,

Laura and the Communities Team

Photo credit: Elinnog60, Your Holiday Spirit

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Bandara Hotels…

We also thank you for create this community which it does really work. And can't wait to see how this community will be in 2019.

Have a happy holiday season's to all of you.

8 months ago
M Adamopoulou

Merry Christmas from our home 🏡 to your home 🏡 and a prosperous New Year!!!

8 months ago
Saad Zyada

Merry Christmas Beloved !

8 months ago
Thomas (Austria)

Merry Christmas from us here in Tyrol! And a happy new year may come to all of you members!

And thank you for the "tiny" package with the thank you card we received today! Great idea!

8 months ago
M Adamopoulou

Hi! Thomas-Austria- and welcome to the forum. Tirol a beautiful place to be. Such wonderful memories I have.
Wish you a prosperous New Year.

8 months ago