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How do you like your new Partner Community?

Welcome to your Partner Community. This space has been created to empower you to connect with fellow partners.

Driven by feedback from Partners like you we not only created this community but have ensured it includes all the features required to help you easily communicate with one another.

Feedback is an essential part of our success and we would like to invite you to share any platform feedback or ideas you have in the comments below.

It'd be really helpful if along with the feedback, you could share a screengrab so we can investigate further. Any additional details you can provide will help us improve the platform faster. 

Thanks again for your support,

-Ilaria and the Partner Communities team

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Anonymous (not verified)

Dear Ilaria and team,

this is a very nice idea!

3 months ago
Ilaria - Commu…

Thanks Giovanni

We're pleased to hear you like it. 

Did you know that you can change the language into Italian, accessing the Italian Partner Community, from the top right Language drop down menu? 

Looking forward to your next post!


3 months ago

The new partner community does not work for me. I can't find answers to what I want to know. Please can I unsubscribe to this?

2 months ago

Topic headings never relate to anything I want to ask/say.   Very limited choice.


1 month ago