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Introduce Yourself: January edition

Welcome to the Partner Forum!

Posting in a new community can be pretty daunting, so to kick things off for the newcomers, we’d love to know:

  1. Where you’re from?
  2. What’s your property like?
  3. How long have you been in the business?

Bonus round! If you could go back in time, where would you go?

Even if you just say hi, we’d love to hear from you. Feel free to include links to your property listing or photos - though keep in mind photos can only be uploaded through the desktop version of this site.

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Happy posting :)

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Hi to everybody , my name is Shiloh and my guest Lodge is situated on the Southern most tip of Africa where all the Southern Right whales come to give birth every Sept.I am based in the seaside hamlet of Hermanus and run two lodges Squirrels Leap and Matshana Lodge. Between the two is a small tribal Arts museum open to guests . We are a stones throw from a white sandy beach with beautiful walks along the coastline. (From Cape Town airport about 1 hr) I also travel to Europe frequently and love networking with other hosts from various countries . My greatest joy is sharing the unique wild life heritage and biosphere individualism of this area, notwithstanding a good glass of Merlot with a international traveler. We have a wine valley called Heaven and Earth and here you can sit for hrs watching the golden African sunsets while nibbling on tasty seafood snacks.Hosting for is the best job in the world where the global village becomes one and their are no more borders , we are just one big family .

6 months ago
M Adamopoulou

Hi!-Shilohnoone and welcome to the Partner Forum.

Thanks for introducing yourself and sharing your interests with us. Your property must be a treasure. Please share more pictures...

Yes this community is just like a big family where we meet very often and exchange ideas and fabulous experiences and all that thanks to for giving us this opportunity.

Happy posting...

6 months ago

HI - I have been with for over three months now and all is going pretty damn good. I started with Air B'n'B in July 2018 but booking started to dry up after two good months - so went with the suggestion of a Dutch guest to try and never looked back since. I have a Victorian semi-detached 4 bed B'n'B within walking distance of the great city of Liverpool, so I am blessed with guests all year round - so it would appear - hardly any rooms free every weekend till June !

Before this I went round the world and other places with the Royal Navy, then went into Probation did this for 15 years, managed African bands and set up as a therapist. I have to say this is perhaps the best job I have had - and starting to become the best well paid to boot. I do all the work myself at the moment - decorated the whole house with Beatles LP's - all originals (most older than me) and art from local artists - which is a bit querky and although it has not earnt me any money yet it looks great and guests love it.

My next venture is to rent out high end mountain bikes to guests - need to make some indestructable chains and locks (this is Liverpool after all !) - which I will do this month after I get paid. I have already got 6 bikes to rent (got them all second hand for £220 !) just need a bit of work to get them all serviced and good to go. I am surprised more people are not thinking of doing the same on 'here' - best way to see any place / country and so good for you / environment. I will try and keep people posted as to how this goes - any ideas or advice most welcome .

Cheers Peace and LOve - from the friendliest city in the world !!!

6 months ago

hi friends

this is my new hotel in south india,tamilnadu,near to green Ooty,all must visit this place for peace and for the old army camp of india and churches in and around the place

i am xavier three month old baby to

6 months ago
M Adamopoulou

Hi Xavier and welcome to the partner forum. Wish you all the best with your new baby...

6 months ago
David S


I am David from Montenegro, as I am getting older each year (naturally) I escape to older music of past generations :D Suggesting: JASON DONOVAN: SEALED WITH A KISS

Let me please introduce my self through conversation with and my fight to make things better for realtion - their partners (us)


As here is a lot of interesting nice people/booking partners I hope that you will find quite interesting my new topic and my endless fight to force some person/booking office in some country to do their job even better.

6 months ago
M Adamopoulou

Sealed with a kiss!!! My favorite!!! I used to hear that song when I was a teenager living in Canada.
Thanks David for sharing this lovely song. I love Montenegro. Hope I can visit it some day.
Happy day...

6 months ago

Would be very interested to see if there are any new South Africans on the forum. Good Luck to all those joining Booking.Com for the 1st time!

6 months ago