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Introducing two new badges!

If you’re active in the forum, you’ve probably noticed that we recently released two new badges.

The Partner Forum is all about creating community - and the best way to do that is by starting a conversation. With this in mind, we recently launched a first post badge to celebrate your first step to igniting a conversation here in the forum.

But we aren’t done yet! As many of you know, the forum recently turned one and it wouldn’t be a proper birthday celebration without a happy birthday badge to celebrate being active in the forum for a year. 

If you’ve already made your first post, or been active on the forum for a year you’ll retroactively receive the badge on your profile.

Need more info? Click here for an explanation of how our badges work.

Want to see more badges in the forum?  Let us know in the comments which other badges you’d like to see!


3 Replies

M Adamopoulou

Happy birthday 🎉🎈🎂 forum nice to be a member.
Thanks Laura for this happy badge.

7 months ago
Mzsingitana Te…

Happy birthyear to the forum.
Ill only be turning 1 next year.

7 months ago
Leandri Klopper

Hello Forum,

Yey Happy Bday Forum!

Laura, quick question. Does the Bday Badge countdown start Now, or does it take into account how long you have been on the forum? (Edit, nevermind I read now that you answered my question in your post...haha)

Like like like this!

7 months ago