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Monthly Forum Recap: September 2018

Welcome to your monthly recap! Here’s a selection of the community's top conversations of September.

What else happened?

We welcomed new members to the leaderboard! Thank you to Bandara Hotels & Resorts, M Adamopoulou, Katerinka12, Akwador, Eugenia and Villa Junona Croatia for all of the expertise you shared with the community in September.

Have a great start to your October and happy posting :)

- Laura and the Communities Team



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M Adamopoulou

Hello, Happy to here in this community. Thanks to you many of my questions have been answered making my life easier. Your posts are very interesting and helpful. Looking forward for more posts.

10 months ago

Being ,`Newbies` to this community ,it is interesting to view all the various topics, answers and questions. Enlightening !

10 months ago

Thank you for warm greeting!

Is it only me, but lately I don't see Eugenia and Junona? We need your expertise, please, come back :)

10 months ago
Leandri Klopper

Hiya all,

I think it was a good September. Considering the long weekend and then preparing for peak season, we managed to stay connected. (Some more than others, sorry I've been so quiet everyone! I've been running around).

I'm looking forward to making more time to do what I enjoy this month. October, the month of Balance. May we all find some!

Keep well and happy posting!

10 months ago
Leandri Klopper

Hi again

Has anyone said thank you to Morten Larsen ? I've just finished reading his entire reply, and one thing caught my special attention.

Out of the 13 Questions he answered, in 8 of them he advised that there are improvements coming!

The other 5 questions were more Operational or Technical, to which he gave more insight and tips which I found extrodinary.

This really makes me smile as mostly all of the sore points, are already being looked at and all the gray areas have been colored in.

Well done and thanks!

10 months ago
D Wojtasiewicz


is there anyone here? you know how can i contact the support via mail or chat?

i have strange things haapneing, one person reserve my property each day, day by day. i do not allowed to book for 1 day only and my callendar is booked nobody else can book me :/ and ths person doesnt exsit

email doesnt work phone either, i ddint recieve any money of course either

what can i do? can anyone help me pleasE?


10 months ago
Thuild - Your …


Please open a post about this as this one doesn't deal with that case. Either way you can contact BDC via the Extranet Inbox.


Zsolt -

10 months ago