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Proper Owner / Host Forums

I think we need proper forums / community, separate and independent from, purely for owners / hosts. Something like

Anyone know of any? Or willing to set them up?

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I've have been thinking about it as well and I do not know a forum/community but I would be interested in joining. 

From experience I know that it is a lot of work to keep a forum/community up and running. I ran a forum and community website for an international photoclub with 150 members in the Netherlands and it consumed a lot of my time to moderate and monitor the site.

Besides time there is also the need for servers to use and if it will become a success the costs will rise because more computer power is needed.

The only way to create a community like that is to get funds to pay the costs and the moderators for their work or the users must be willing to pay a fee. 

If more people are interested it might be a good idea to discuss this further,


2 months ago