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Show and tell – Room service

Hi everyone,

Room service can be a lifesaver for hungry guests. But every property does it differently.

We’d love to know whether you offer room service at your property, and if you do, how you do it. Do you put a leaflet in each room, or does it feature as part of a wider information sheet?

Do you offer room service 24 hours a day, or just around dinnertime? We want to know!

Post a picture of your offering in the comments...

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Sam Bergholm

It looks like to be a standard problem adding the 'directions to your property'..

I have tried now may be 15 times during a week, and whatever i do (in laptop och mobile app) i get the error like:


"From admin Whoops! The journey couldnt be saved - please try again."

Please, give me an advice, not a link that i seen in 90% of all the "help" given ; )


2 months ago
M Adamopoulou

No room service...that’s our secret ...ha...ha...

Our guests need no room service they have everything in front of them and can help themselves. They prefer privacy and if they have any special new they just let us know.....

Luxury in simplicity...

2 months ago
michael beeston

Hi "M".Absolutely agree.We leave a BIg bottle of Champagne in the Fridge (what else do you need!! haha) and if they want more.NO PROBLEMS !!...................cooool as.

2 months ago