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Why would not remove malicious, not realistic reviews?

I've had this struggle with for the second year in a row.

We had had  a group of polish guests last year as well as this year. In both cases they broke the house rules and the reservation rules, by turning up more people than the reservation, then, partying loud late in the night, disturbing other guests too.

We reported them for misconduct, which clearly made them give very negative reviews, which are miles away from all the other reviews. could not help us to manage them, and allowed them to leave these reviews, which says offer: ''a realistic image of the property to future guests''!!!

Situations like these cannot and should not happen again. gives us no other choice but to refuse indiscriminately guests from Poland, and made us consider not taking reservations from at all.

I'm sure there are other owners out there that feel used and abused as we feel right now.

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they dont care.. all they care about is getting comissions from you

3 months ago