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From your feedback | Improvements to our official partner app


Lately we have seen lots of feedback on the Pulse App around Promotions and Invoices. As a response we have started to make some changes that will make Pulse an ever better companion for you to stay on top your business.

Here’s what we have done:

  1. Promotions tracker:  Want to check how many reservations, room nights and revenue each of your created promotions brought? Through our promotions tracker you can now track the promotion performance inside the Pulse app. Ready to check it out? The Promotions tracker is accessible via ‘More’ tab.
  2. Invoices: Want to see an overview of your invoices? Tap on ‘Invoices’ in the ‘More’ tab in Pulse. You’ll be able to see the list of all your invoices, whether they’ve been paid or are still due and what’s more, you can even download them in pdf format.

You can get started today by exploring these new features on the Pulse App.

Have questions or feedback?  Comment below, and we will share your questions and thoughts with the Pulse team.

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Very good app! Thank you for the added features.

Just one comment, I do only receive the new review notification several days after they have been posted. Not a big deal but just wanted to point it out. New bookings notification come in straight away though.



1 year ago