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From your feedback | your extranet user accounts

Many of you who have multiple people working in the extranet have asked for more ownership of your accounts, users, and permissions. Based on your feedback, we are developing a feature that allows partners to create and manage multiple extranet logins- whenever, wherever.

Soon, your account permissions will be in your hands with a new feature that will enable you to:

  1. Improve security and avoid errors or fraud
  2. Create and modify user accounts on your own 
  3. Eliminate password sharing and password resets
  4. Increase accountability

Ready to get started?
For some properties, we need our partners to identify an admin user. Please check your extranet inbox for a message or look under the Account button. There you will see a 'Choose Admin(s)' section, please make your selection.

Still have questions? Comment below, and we will share your questions and feedback with our Accounts & Permissions team.

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I like your suggestions, In the old extranet calendar you could see a longer time period but in the new version the boxes are much bigger

Unsure why this has ben done as as seeing a longer date range was more useful

1 year ago

Very new to this ..
I agree with monet208... with the old extranet boxes you knew where you were at a glance.. this new system you have to double check the date and make sure you're in the correct month by going back to the beginning of the month to verify. For me I have a full time job ..breaking away to answer to a guest reservation it has to be done as quickly as possible... some host may have the luxury of an attendant or they may not be in another vocation like myself. Just wanted to say that all efforts should be considered when making changes
Thank you for listening

1 year ago