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"Zoinks" has left the building...

So what happened there? From prolific poster to not-a-happy-man to gone in the blink of an eye. I've avoided using the name we knew him better as because of what he said in his profile message, when it still existed.
What happened to make him SO upset with either BDC or maybe just having a bad run of life in general? Maybe his new best-chum(sic) here caused unrest.
He'll be missed here.
I have noticed that the majority of very early-on posters no longer participate.
Could this be the lack of input from BDC themselves? Too many issues just left hanging in the wind?
Even the short lived input from another BDC staffer only resulted in a "yes we hear you but dont hold your breath" kind of answer.

Laura, any input on this?

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Thuild - Your …

Fluff, People always come and go. We have to live with that :)

10 months ago
Leandri Klopper

Haha Hey fluff ,

Enjoying your topic headline!

Zsolt said it. There will always be partners on the forum.

Have a good week you two!

10 months ago

I think you guys have neatly sidestepped my, on reading it back now, slightly mischievous opening post!

Well spotted and maneuvered ;-)

10 months ago
M Adamopoulou

People come, people go, they’ll drift in and out of our life, like characters in a fairytale.

10 months ago