From 01.06. Payments by Booking.com will be charged!

I just received email stating that from 01.06.2019. all reservation made from that date will be under new booking.com rule. Booking.com will charge every transaction by 1.1% of the payed amount if you are using Payments by booking.com! I wonder what's your oppinion about that? Are you still going to use payments by booking.com or ...?


Mixed feelings about this additioanal charge:

I understand that payments hosted by Booking.com with creditcards and platforms like Paypal / Alipay, etc cost transfer provision for Booking.com.

On the other hand that's the reason why we are paying at least 12% commission + VAT to Booking.com.

From my perspective they are shifting these "payments services" out of their basic services and add this as an addittional service with an additional commission of 1,1% (VAT excluded or included?).

Normally Booking.com pays you two weeks after the guests departure, Guest will pay a lot earlier to Booking.com Perhaps in the past the business was that the "time" in between of receving the money of the customer and the repayment to the partner was enough to bear the additional costs for all kind of debet and credit cards commission services Nowadays interest rate is almost zero and cannot be comepensated anymore.

So be honest if you recharge the cost commision for these kind of payment services directly to the partner by at least shortening the payment received from the customer to the departure date, like Airbnb also does.


M Adamopoulou

Hello guys!!!
BDC just informed me that they will charge me for every transaction 1,4 and not 1,1 as Blagoje Supic informed us above...
I wonder why???
I am not very happy with this but their services are excellent and from 01.06 they will credit our account four times a month and not one. That means we will be receiving our money earlier... I think that’s fair enough...
Keep well...

Yew Bh

I just received email from Booking.com that the "additional fee added to commission".

Which mean my additional cleaning fee will be subjected to 18% commission? Which is ridiculous high for us? Should we pass on this 18% cost to customer (mark up 18% on my cleaning fee)?

Our price show to customer is final price customer pay, which mean if I don't adjust my price up, we will bear this additional cost.