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3 night booking (paid in advance) change their minds upon arrival.

My guests booked 6 months ago for a 3 night stay over the bank holiday.  They arrived this evening and said they didn't want to stay after all and left. 

I told them thy'd probably be charged for the first night, which they accepted. 

How do I process this so they get a refund for the extra 2 nights? 

And is there anyway to report them? I'm now looking at no guests over an entire bank holiday! 

Any advice would be very gratefully accepted, this is only my 2nd year and I've never had anything like this happen before. 



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Dear Rachel,

Per the BDC cancellation policy that you have for their booking, you need to charge them accordingly.

Therefore if it's 100% of their stay, charge that.

You will have to pay commission to BDC for the cancellation anyway.

1 month ago

check your cancellation policy.

I myself would have questioned why now did not want to stop and see if I could correct any concerns they might of had.

Sometimes it just comes down to something simple like a hair in the bath or a dirty teaspoon!

I myself have got designer duvet covers on the bed and sometimes the pattern gets mistaken as stains lol! I'm now slowly changing the bedding for a different design.

I'm sure you're doing amazing and you give a good product at an excellent price.

Please note even though they never stayed they can still review you and be prepared to get a poor review, i always respond positively and use it as a way to promote my town, location and my business, telling other viewers what I offer.. Guests look at the negative comments so use it to my advantage. Turn the negative into a positive

1 month ago

Thanks both for taking the time to answer.

I was well and truly rattled on Friday evening as it's the first time anything like this has happened. I (eventually) got through to a really lovely lady on the help-line who sorted it all out for me. I only charged them for one night and BDC refunded the other 2 nights, although BDC said I could have charged the full amount, but unlike my crappy non-guests I wanted to play fair.

With hindsight I think they'd had a row or something, the bloke didn't even get out of the car when they arrived, I never even saw him. The lady was quite teary and quite young, so I think I was a victim of their circumstance rather than having done something wrong myself.

We decided to make the most of a guest free weekend, and as it was festival weekend in our town, we joined in, drank some beer, watched some bands and had a thoroughly lovely time. Sometimes you just have to let the angst go and put it down to experience.

However, if they do write a *** review, I'll try to be my normal positive and sunny self and redress the situation. Personally, having found out I could have charged the full amount I think they'd have a nerve if they tried anything!


R x

1 month ago