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3 questions please

Hi have 3 questions which other hosts may be able to help me with please.

In New Zealand, 1 unit only - sole income, far too many no shows or  very late/I forgot I'd booked cancellations.

1) If a guest has cancelled and their card has been debited how do i get paid for this as Booking has never asked me for my bank a/c.  I've been told by another host in NZ that I'll never see the money but I know for a fact that the guest was charge as they called me to complain.

2) If above applies then this isn't an issue.  How do I set up a policy which only allows guests who have submitted card details to book.

3) If there a way I can prevent a no show or late cancellation booking again (block) without putting through a mis-conduct as if they never turn up then mis-conduct can't apply.

A suggestion - should be a method of host being able to cancel a booking providing it meets the cancellation criteria as stuff happens sometimes.

Many thanks for any help or tips


Thuild - Your …

Dear Penny,

If you try to use the search function, you can already find answers for all of these question.

I know that I have answered them myself numerous times.

It's redundant to open new posts about something that has been answered.

Best regards,

Zsolt -


Umm I did search hoping to save myself dome valuable time, but I ended up by posting. Not keen on dpending even more hours on some basic things that should be explained by an auto email at time of cancellation.


Thanks for your reply Leandri,

Thinking that prepay is the way to go, booking doesn't appear to pass guest payments onto host even when they have collected from their credit card (had a guest giving me a blasting on the phone) so that's just not going to work for me. I can't stretch to a CC payment system just for 1 unit so may have to find another partner.

I understand the need to ensure a good service for guests but booking goes too far the other way and not supportive or encouraging for small businesses. I dislike the automated messages as I know they are not upset that a guest has cancelled last minute etc etc. However I am as it's my livelihood.

Leandri Klopper

Hey Pennyinnz ,

Sorry for the delayed response.

Oe those automated messages get me down. But at least it's a form of 'acknowledgement'.

You said doesn't appear to pass guest payments onto hosts. If that's what you're looking for then maybe you should find out if you are eligible for Payment by (Do a search on the forum though, there are MANY different opinions on the programme.)

Then, basically, will collect payment from your guests and pay you out. Here's an article on it:

Keep well!


Thanks for your response.

I don't think is up to speed in NZ, that seems very weird if they want to keep hosts as I know there is quite a bit of unhappiness amongst hosts about not getting paid when they have done the work.

It really should be made very clear to prospective hosts. It should say ' is unable to collect fees for no shows and cancellations in New Zealand at the moment'. Therefore hosts will know that they will be out of pocket if guest cancels or is a no show. It really wasn't made apparent to me!! New to this game am learning the hard way. Has cost me at least $1000 gross in less than a year and a lot of wasted time.

Leandri Klopper

Hi Pennyinnz ,

I hear you, and they're also new to collecting payment for bookings. It's also not available in the regions where our properties are listed but I wouldn't join it before a good 2 years goes by. That way they will work out all the issues within the programme and have it running smooth by the time it becomes available where I am.

There is something to be said about "knowledge" and how it's given or even when it's given to people. I've noticed with, you need to read the contract. And when you've read it, read it again.. sum it up and study it! Because all you need to know is there, but not clearly pointed out in bullet form.

Anyway, Best of luck with things!