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About Commission

Dear Partner,

Greetings from Rose Amer, Jaipur!

We hope you and your team are safe and healthy during these hard time.

I received a commission yesterday which is charged at 18%.

Kindly provide me a suitable reason of charging 18% instead of 15%.


Warm Regards,

Piyush Bhati ***


hi there and welcome to the partner channel.

this is not support but a forum for partners to help with tips and advice.

you might want to send a query to customer support (finance dept) via the extranet/admin portal inbox.

are you part of the Genius program as that i believe the commission goes up to 18%?

Alternatively did you have the booking whilst you had a campaign/opportunity running?

Suggest you remove your mobile number from the post!




Hi Piyush Bhati


As well as checking the programmes you signed up for check the Visibility Booster as it is likely to be where that 18% is coming from.


Kind Regards, Br Safe , Be Well