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Abusing free facilities

I have always tried to keep my booking cost for my guests reasonable, I supply free WiFi plus Satellite TV plus free air conditioning.

However lately guests have been abusing my facilities by keeping air conditioning on all day even if out and all night when in.  Not sure what to do as my electric bills are rising whether to charge extra, put timers on or raise my prices.

I have left polite notices in the apartment stating to turn air conditioning off if out and use reasonably when in?

I have a 2 bedroom apartment and also supply all towels and bedding for stay.  

Apartment gets booked up but after paying, maintenance, property company, all bills electric etc fees I am just about breaking even.

Put prices up??  Charge extra for air con and WiFi??  Put timers on??




Debrasutherland 3 years ago

This is a tricky one. I had guests bring their own fan heater once to keep their new born baby warm. Electricity use was $30 a day. They paid $120 a night and I had to pay fees and me cleaner for 3 nights. I mentioned it to them and advised not to use the heater when they took the baby home as it would cost them a fortune, They then left a low review stating I had asked them for money because it was cold and they had used a heater.

If you put prices up you may not get the bookings, but I would probably give it a try.