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Account Manager

Does anyone know how to contact your account manager if you use a channel property (guesty)? 


I have been having major customer service problems with 

I also have not been getting paid for my bookings from two of my listings and turns out my account manager from put two of my listings as bookings collects payments and two of my listings as I collect payment and nobody notified me of this. 

I am now having to call guest all the way back from October to try and collect payments and just keeps saying well sorry nothing we can do. I ask for my account manager and I get told that they can not transfer me to them. 

Please help, I am at a loss with and really thinking of leaving them as a customer! 




Hi Robbie,


I don't think any of us have ever spoken to our AM.

I know 6 months later and I have yet to hear from mine.


Normally the channel manager setup is your responsibility as its a 3rd party service, so BdC will wash their hands of it and not get involved past telling you where to go on the extranet to enable and enter the info the CM emails you  to setup.


How do you find Guesty? , some of us were talking about it today, I was considering trialing it.


Did they even give you a phone number of email for the AM contact?


Kind Regards,

Robbie Falconb…

Hey Barry,

as for Guesty they have been great to work with! They took about 5 weeks 2 days each week to have appointment calls to go through everything they do for you. Anytime you need anything they respond within just a couple hours and always so happy to assist you!!

The service they provide is very much worth the price. It’s also nice to have one app to message all guest through multiple platforms!!


Community Admin

Dear Robbie Falconburg LaCelle thank you for posting in the community!


If your property is working with a channel manager (XML) that does not mean that you have an account manager assign to you by 

From the information that you gave us, we can understand that collects the payment from the guests on your behalf and transfers the money to your bank account. That means that you do not have to go back to the guest and request the payment! You will receive it in the bank account that you provided. 

If you still have issues with the payments we will advise you to contact our finance department for further assistance!

You can also find more information here:


Wish you the best of luck!

Robbie Falconb…

Yes that is how two of my listings are setup, however, the other two did not get setup with collecting my payment for me, so yes, I am having to contact the guest as customer service has stated it’s not there problem.   

Also, the 7th time calling any customer service even the finance department, I have gotten either rude employees, or just the same run around of that’s not our department or we can’t help you.

Community Admin

Hi Robbie Falconburg LaCelle! Thanks for clarify some more details for us.


If for these properties you've set up to receive a direct payment from guests, you are responsible for charging guests in advance or upon arrival depending on your policies. Unfortunately, customer support team is not able to assist in receiving payment from guests when it comes to direct payment. During the reservation process guests are informed, that they will be charged by the property directly.


If this payment method does not suit you, we would advice you to opt in for Payments by Booking system for these two properties also. 


Best regards!