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Adam Stejskal


           I am still beginner with booking - I had reservation to our property - payment method - cash. And guest didn't arrived - my policy is - in case of cancelation later than 3 days prior to your accommodation or no show - cancelation fee 100% - but how I can get my payment, when those guys even do not respond to my messages? Thank you for your help.


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Have taken the payment for you?

1 year ago
Siranne van Onselen

Why not take a payment from the guest's credit card when you receive the booking? We take 50% deposit as soon as we receive a booking ( sends us the card details) and if it declines, we mark it as invalid in the extranet and then after 24 hours if the guest has not updated the card details or paid us via other means, we can legally cancel the booking. We do have a cancellation policy in place, so if a guest legitimately cancels before the cancellation period kicks in, we just refund their credit card in full

1 year ago