Adding Banking Details

Hi All, can someone please assist me.

Im trying to add my banking details so that guests can pay before arrival, but it does not allow me to add anything for eg i dont have a Bank option to select

So currently it shows that my property allows guests to pay cash on arrival

Please assist as they need to pay in full before arrival 



Hi Conrad Lombaard


Typically the resounding reply to this is dont ,and instead use Payments by Booking.com.


MAkes it simpler and prepaid, and reduces risk etc.


However if you cant use that yet or do not want to then you can signup at


I only have the irish URL but you likely can be redirected by them t oyour region site equivalent.


Ask them for a Virtual terminal after you have signed up, this will allow you to  do phone prepayments, or send link via message t othe guest to prepay.


another such provider is payrexx.com





Kind Regards



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