Hi there. I am trying to set up my room bookings so that with each extra guest there is an extra charge. 

For example, a standard room can take 3 guests. If booked by one guest the price is A.  If booked by two guests, the price is A+(Percentage of A) If booked by three guests, the price is A + (2 x Percentage of A) 

Can anyone point me in the right direction to setup my booking fees like this?

Kind regards Reinhardt



Hi Pierre Reinhardt Geyser


You can only have one or the other 


Room Rate or Occupancy Rate.

In my opinion its disgusting to charge more for a room based on how many.


You would be better off only charging by Room Rate, much less  drama and easier to manage long term.


Are you listed on more than one OTA ? example Booking & Expedia


If you still want to go Occupancy Rate based then check out this article:


What is Occupancy Based Pricing

How can I set up rate level occupancy?



Kind Regards


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Kind Regards

Pierre Reinhar…

Hi there. Thanks for reaching out and lending your knowledge.  With regard to adding fees per extra customer, we always charged for the room only, but since most of out rooms can sleep 3-6 people - and our guests are mostly individuals - we almost always get asked for discounts. We decided to charge per person in order to lessen the price but still get our original rates when the room is fully booked. It also makes sense since there is more cleaning work to be done, etc.  But thanks for your insight. =) 

For anybody else who is wondering, I found a solution as mentioned above, which is occupancy rate. I gave the room a maximum price, and calculated the percentage discount that should be applied when only 1, or 2, or 3 guests book. Fairly easy. Thanks for you help! Have a nice day. 

Kind regards



To clarify it sounds like you described a Dorm Room, i.e. individuals sharing with strangers.


Did I read that right?


If yes then yes that is totally different situation to what I thought it was initially.