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Adding VAT to a booking.

Am I right in thinking that to add VAT to a booking then it can be done under service charge by adding an extra charge of 20% 

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fluff 2 years ago

Against the rules! The final price the customer sees on line (I'm assuming you are UK based) is including all taxes.

Some countries have exceptions, like France's local per person tax which is too variable for the BDC system to currently cope with, this is then charged on site by the property.

If you are wishing to use the service charge as a loophole to facilitate a VAT charge then you may look very expensive compared to your competition, unless of course you're just rejigging the rates spread (i.e. a relatively low basic rate) to save on a bit of commission or other reason. You may find there is a maximum percentage allowed in the service charge?

I suppose you could try and report back. Sounds a bit dodgy though!