After Brexit- new bank fee !!

HI there

I received my monthly Booking invoice for my little apartment.

The bank transfert is coming from England and after Brexit, my bank considering the transfer from OUTSIDE Europe is taking quite high fee.

What is the solution? Booking could transfer from INSIDE Europe, Booking is located in Netherland isn´t it?

Please let me know. I need a solution before next month invoice.

M Adamopoulou

Hi Sarah, 

Brexit is starting to effect all of us in many sectors...


Since this is only a Partner Community you have to resend your message request through your Extranet inbox directly to booking.com.


Wish you all the best.



Would be great to know what the fee actually is costing too, please let us know, thanks


By the way there are plenty of other cheaper ways to do bank transfers too.

Revolut, MoneyWise,  etc


I use revolut for exchange transfers and payments eur<>gbp, its usually the best in real time rate of exchange. Better than the local bank typically.


  • You start by installing the Revolut app on your phone.
  • You then load some credit GBP into it from bank or bank card.
  • Then the wallet system like on paypal for different currency,
  • you tell it to convert GPB to EUR for X amount
  • and it tells you what that is in GBP.
  • Then you just top up to match and convert.
  • Then you add the Booking IBAN as a PAYEE on your Revolut,
  • in the note/remitance note enter PN<partnernumber> IN<invoicenumber>
  • the amount 
  • and send


Kind Regards

Francisco Alvarado

Hi everyone, same from here, I'm in Canary Islands, Spain and since January 1st our bank consider that the money transfer coming from BdC, actually they use a GB bank, coming from outside the European Community so we been charged with 21€ for every payment as bank fees, actually we received our payments weekly for 2 properties so up to now we lost already 84€.

Ben able to talk with partnerhelp and they confirm the global issue and they are looking for a solution but my question is, everybody knows that Brexit is gonna happen and the relationship between banks are going to change, so no one in BdC realize it?

It seems very easy solution, payment to European properties from an European bank and payments to British properties from a GB bank, easy no?

Hope BdC find a solution urgently and hopefully we can have our money back as it wasn't our fault.


Thank you for your time.

Fran Alvarado




M Adamopoulou

Hi Francisco and welcome to the Partner Community.


Hope BDC can soon solve this issue...Partners cannot afford to loose money...


Wish you well.



wait , that has to be a typo 21 euro, you mean 0.21 euro.


since when do banks charge 21 euro for receiveing an IBAN transfer, who are you banking with, leave them and get Revolut instead, and knock that bullcrap on the head.


thats utterly disgusting ,if thats true.


Francisco Alvarado

It's not as simply as change the bank, because all the banks are going to apply fees for those money transfers comes from outside EEC. BdC use a bank located in UK for their partner payments so is just easy as change that to a Bank from any country of the EEC.

I presume that to use Revolut involve also BdC to work with that as well.

M Adamopoulou


You are right...Revolut might work for you...but don’t forget that not everyone is acquainted  with technology...


Hope BDC can advise us how to proceed with this issue..

Francisco Alvarado

No I mean 21€ charged to my account for each money transfer received from BdC as bank fees, this is not been charge from BdC but from the bank because now British banks are outside of the European community system. Every bank have their own fees goin from 15€ up to 21€ BBVA



Наталья Юношева

In Sabadell, the commission is 18 euros for a payment of 77 euros and this is a real disaster! In this difficult time for all of us, this is also, I find it strange that BdC did not foresee this((((((


Francisco Alvarado

It's really a shame, BdC should compensate with at least one month of no commission charge for partners affecting for this real nonsense. 

While they find a solution for this I've changed our weekly payments for monthly, this way at least I only pay the bank fees once. Also move the bank account from BBVA (21€) to ING (?€) to see how it's going.

It's really ridiculous that such a big company as BdC haven't foresee that there will be some actions to take once Brexit start. 

M Adamopoulou

Thanks Francisco for informing us about this situation....


Hope BDC finds the best solution for all partners...