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airbnb non payment

This is not to do with booking .com but I know a lot of you are listed with Airbnb as well so I'm after some advice. I had a 2 night booking 3 weeks ago and the guests extended their stay by one day. I then received an email saying that the payment hadn't gone through and I was responsible for collecting it. I messaged Airbnb who informed me it was ok now. They then took another day booking, making the total stay 4 days. I've only received 2 nights payment and despite continued messages telling me not to worry and escalating it 3 times, I still haven't got an answer or payment. They are now ignoring my messages and haven't replied for over a week. Has anyone else had this happen?





I wouldnt assume they are ignoring you , its alot more likely skeleton staff and just longer to wait, based on a priority system they are using.


I would simply wait and once a week send a reminder until they resolve it.




It's been over a week. I've rung them and they are saying it's with the finance department.

they are not taking responsibility for telling me the guest had paid when he hadn't. I would have blocked his car in until he handed over the payment if I had known he still owed me 2 nights payment. Used a massive amount of electricity as well so I'm assuming he had extra guests.




  1. You cant block him in, that is illegal and you will get into trouble if they call  local law enforcement.
  2. massive amount of electricity - do you actually have smart home IoT devices to record the wattage or are you going off of a meter reading before and after.

Energie aka***** has some great products for doing this with remote app on phone to monitor and turn off and on.


I recently started installing them here.


You can use them with to schedule shutdown the entire property when empty, and or shutdown at night certain parts of the house to save and Be Green :)



Kind Regards