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Alipay is on the way (Thailand)

Alipay (  ) is nearly here. TAT is doing the deal with China.

Agoda are already on board (details a little sketchy at the mo). is BDC? haven't heard a thing about from them.

Our machines are QR code friendly so we're ready on site.

Alipay and WeChat-pay are HUUUUUUUUUUUUGE in china and growing steadily globally so with the ever increasing numbers of Chinese tourists it only make sense to offer the path of least resistance.

Does anyone have insight/experience of this system that they'd care to share.

Does it live up to all its claims.

Is it actually secure (have seen doubts on the net)

Etc., etc.

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Somebody, anybody, somewhere using this?

5 months ago

--- ... ---  !?

4 months ago
Ipomea Volubilis


I am also considering Alipay And WeChat pay for the future but at the moment (being completely new to the system and having had zero reservations), I’ve opted for cash only for the time being. Briefly set up PayPal but decided against after reading up on this forum.

Yes the Chinese market is big in Thailand and I wish you success. Have you had any new experience since you posted one month ago?

3 months ago