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alternative verification


I have a problem with the verification process. The verification number in the first letter was incorrect and thereafter I have not received any other letter (I applied 4 times already to get a new verification number). I am living in a country with not such a reliable letter service (but the issue could be also on the side). I asked more than 2 months ago whether there is an other possibility to do the verification and they replied to me that I can do the video verification with the local office, to which a agreed. My country (Paraguay) does not have a country specific office. In this case it is Argentina. They never contacted me.

I now getting fake bookings from China. Unfortunately I am not qualified for a pre-payment. I guess, due to the missing verification... I already have had a few guests and I have a 10 points rating...I am loosing lot of money with the fake bookings. I am contacting the guests, but they are not replying to my mails. I am not allowed to see the phone number, although it is a must to provide a phone number when booking my apartment. I already phoned and email, but they are not very supportive...saying I have to put a pre-payment in my booking (for which I am not qualified yet due to the verification.).and wait until the check-in day and then I get the fee back, which is not very helpful. Does anyone have the same problem and fixed it or does someone have an idea how to solve it?

In addition there is an IT bug, which already confirmed to me. The bug is, that I am offering a parking space, but if you do a search for an apartment with parking, my flat does not show up. I contacted more than 1 month ago, but nothing is happening... Anyone else with this problem?  

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BrookAve 2 years ago

As 6 months ha passed you may not qualify for Payments by and would hel pwith fake bookings.