annual invoice request/revenue details

dear sir or madam,

I'd like to have a document with all revenues with commission due received in 2020.

thanks in advance,

Yvette Lagana

M Adamopoulou


Since this is only a Partner Community please resend your message request through your inbox tab directly to BDC.


Wish you well.



Reminder this is Partner Hub, not BdC Partner Support Team. They will never see these posts.


We cannot help with Finance or Action Requests. For that you need to contact them directly.



Hi Yvette lagana


Actually you will find this under the Finance menu yourself.

Its a very basic feature that has been there this entire time right in front of you.


Its currently called Documents & Invoices


Open and on left set the drop down to 2020.

Now on the right click the button - Download all 2020 PDFs


Additional options useful for importing into a spreadsheet and consolidate is to click each of the CSV links.

In there per link is a new page per month, with two options one for Excel file Format and also CSV.


Click the format you want per month and save.


Each one of these has all that info and more , so once you import or merge them all into one spreadsheet you can then format , hide columns as needed very quickly.


    BdC do not provide anything other than that.


    Kind Regards,

    Be Safe, Be Well


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    3. Right Pane - Click on ‘See Contact Options’
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    Studio Le Paquier

    Yes, you can do it that way - except BC have decided to archive the first half of the year, and you have to do it on a month by month basis - takes hours, and that's before even trying to reconcile the invoiced amounts with what has been paid into your bank account.

    Come on Booking.com - you can do better than this ...