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Is any one else having problems with the Finance Dept? collects payment from my guests and pays out once a week.

This arrangement has worked well until I had a guest whom stayed 2 nights on 16th October for which I still have not received payment from

Despite sending messages to the Finance Dept. x 3 and calling Customer services x 4 times I still have not been paid.

The Finance dept. do not send an acknowledgement that they have received messages and Customer Services state they can not do anything, except asking me to be patient !!!!!

It is now more than a month and feeling frustrated that they have my money and are completely ignoring any attempt to communicate.

Anyone else have this problem and what action can I take to get my money ?  I do feel that maybe it is time to involve the Small Claims Court, only because of the complete silence from the finance Dept.

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BrookAve 1 year ago




As you have already spoken to BdC Partner Support using the Extranet partner support phone number, then that is all you can do, keep ringing and messaging them.


I wouldnt assume they are ignoring you, they could simply have a backlog of requests.

Remember many companies are furloughing workers and operating with a smaller workforce remotely in many cases.


I would suggest once a week reply to the last message that was sent on this topic.

There have been others reporting a variety of similar experience, but no follow up notes to say whether sorted or not.


Of course ye could all be in different countries/regions and therefore dealing with different Finance Issues with unknown root case.





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