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Anyone uses contactless payments?


I have been using the payment systems by bank transfer, but I don’t like that it only pays before the 15th next month after the checkout. That is a system from the Stone Age, when companies like Airbnb transfer straight away after the checkout I don’t see a reason for operates this way.


Any of you uses contactless system using your phone or similar so guests can pay at the facilities? If so what do you recommend?

thank you 

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Sharonpowney 2 years ago

I totally agree with the payment taking too long.  However, I did start to look at getting a card system and was shocked at how expensive it was.  As a first step contact your bank and ask how much they charge.

Elsa Bennett 2 years ago

I believe so, I thought that for small business we could get at a cheaper rate. To be fair I have opted in for a four weeks payment on the system but I am still quite confused about how it works because last week I didn't get any money. 

But I am new to this anyway.

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fluff 2 years ago

Although contactless is available here we don't use it but we are QR code capable.

We have recently been asked a fair bit about the " wallet " systems which we don't support and iPay which is not available in this fair land.

I made enquiries as to which of the big OTAs offer this online, the answer being only Expedia.

Elsa Bennett 2 years ago

Well, let's have hope that will operate more like airbnb in terms of payments.