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Apartment Saryan 19

hi my name is Aper, i am owner Apartment Saryan 19.

I have received a invoice for my flat 120 euro,for 01/07/2019-31/07/2019.

i want informed you that i did not give in rent my house in that period with, because i have already given for rent my house another person from 30/10/2018-30/10/2019, and i also have the rental document.

i forgot to close the reservation that is why somebody have reserved it online,but i want say when i received the message from the costumer it was 03/january/2019 and i answered him that my flat is not available.

i hope we can find solution 

best regards Aper


M Adamopoulou

Sorry to hear about your problems...

You have to send your message request through your Extranet inbox to  This is a Partner Community and I dont think anyone can help you.

Wish you all the best.