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Avoiding paying commission on Government taxes

We have realised that we wont get far with discounted rates if we have to pay commission on bank fees and our government GST / VAT.  Is there any way around this.

Should our prices be displayed exclusive of gst?


GST/VAT is chargeable by for their services, which is what your commission is.  The prices you advertise are including GST if you are GST registered.  

But if you are GST registered you claim the GST you pay off of what you owe to the tax man for the rooms you have sold.  




Indeed so be smart about your Rate Plans, Genius Programme, Mobile Rate , Visibility Booster..


You cant have your cake and eat it too.


You have to know what your doing and map out rates and the various scenarios of discounts, stacking etc.


Start with a spreadsheet of the rate plans and then map out the commission etc

Thats then your basic payout


Now add rows to factor in Genius level discount, mobile rate etc.. and you will quickly see based on number of nights booked the payout.


I spent days doing it myself when i first started.


Kind Regards